Spirit Gear Program
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Step 1:

Students want spirit gear…

Without spirit gear, your students show up in random outfits to school events and may or may not show school pride.

Step 2:

A PTA member, Principal, Teacher, etc. steps in.

It just take one adult to bring amazing spirit gear to students

2 teacher steps in

3 select spirit gear items

Step 3:

Select 4-10 spirit gear items

Spirit gear programs are primarily made up of apparel items. However, you can select other items such as footballs, pom-poms, etc.

Step 4:

Approve your item designs

Remember to be as detailed as possible when working with your apparel company. This will help you get through the approval process quickly.

4 approve spirit gear item designs

5 how much revenue do you want

Step 5:

how much revenue do you want per item

It’s tempting to try and make as much as possible on each item for your school. Depending on your demographics, you may be better off keeping the profit low and trying to sell to more students.

Step 6:

Distribute Spirit Gear Flyer to students

A good apparel/spirit gear company will create a flyer for you that includes an order form and pictures of the SG items.

6 distribute spirit gear flyer to students

7 collect spirit gear payments

Step 7:

Collect payments and Tally orders

After a predetermined time, you will collect all orders/payments and tally the items and sizes your students want.

Step 8:

Email your numbers to the printer

Your printer/apparel company will create the spirit gear based on your list.

8 email your spirit gear numbers

9 receive your spirit gear

Step 9:

Receive Your Spirit Gear

In most cases, you will receive your spirit gear order in 8-10 business days

Step 10:

Pass out the spirit gear to the students!

This is the most exciting part of the process! There’s nothing better than seeing the students’ faces when they receive their new spirit gear.

10 pass out the spirit gear to students

Let’s get started!

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Start here! A standard Spirit Gear Program has 4 to 6 items.